Via Ferrata Custom Trips

Alps, Dolomites and Elsewhere in Europe

Customized via ferrata trips in the Dolomites, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France
Hut to hut or valley-based, all year round and all levels

Via Ferrata Custom Trip Highlights

  • Anywhere in Europe
  • Enjoy the spectacular huts and lodges in the Alps
  • Warm climate in Provence and Garda Lake regions
  • Short approaches and descents with chairlifts and gondolas
  • Ideal for families or groups

Having organized well over 1000 guided via ferrata trips since 1996 we consider ourselves as THE via ferrata specialist in Europe. Via ferratas have become ever so popular and have evolved over time and geographically in Europe: From the original via ferratas in the Dolomites along the front lines of WW1 to athletic “adrenline via ferratas” in France and Switzerland. Easy ridge walks with cables for hand-railing to “sport via ferratas” with overhanging sections that will both challenge your upper body strength and your courage! Via Ferrata hut-to-hut treks which the Dolomites are famous for or hotel-based day trips. High mountain via ferratas that require glacier travel or front country via ferrata close to the car park. High summer via ferrata in the Alps or year round trips in the Mediterranean climate of the Provence or the Garda Lake.

Tell us the ingredients of your perfect via ferrata trip and we will gladly provide you with a priced proposal at no obligation for you.

Detail and Logistics

Dolomites, Italy

Prices start from 360 EUR / day based on 1 or 2 people.

Please note: we only accept bookings for 2+ more days


Prices start from 420 EUR / day based on 1 or 2 people.

Please note: we only accept bookings for 2+ more days

The rates quoted are base rates per day and per guide for average day trips in each region, commonly 8 hrs door to door.

Please inquire as to what premiums apply for longer or more difficult climbs or trips that require overnights or longer days.

Additional costs might be guide’s travel, lodging & food expenses.

We can also quote you an all-inclusive price for such trips where guides’ expenses apply.

We offer custom pricing with substantial discounts for groups of four and more clients signing up together!


Client / Guides

  • any size group
Via Ferrata Custom Trips
  • Any level – Beginner to Advanced Via Ferratas
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Via Ferrata Custom Trips
  • Year Round
  • Any time!
Via Ferrata Custom Trips
Contact us for a quote on your custom trip.

Please note: we only book 2 or more private Via Ferrata days.

For 1 day only Via Ferrata’s, please contact a local agency.