Oetztal Alps High Alpine Hut Trek

Alps / Austria

6 Days hut trek on high level mountain trails with cable protected sections and some roped glacier travel in one of the highest ranges of the Tyrolian Alps

Oetztal Alps Alpine Hut Trek Highlights

  • Stunning views from panoramic trails
  • Great Huts with private bed rooms and excellent food
  • Ramolhaus and Brandenburger Haus, two huts on summits!
  • 6 summits above 3000 meters
  • Quick access from Munich Airport
  • Sept: The REAL Octoberfest in Munich

The Oetztal High Alpine Hut Cicuit includes a little bit of everything: Beautiful panoramic trails, peak ascents with scrambling and cabled sections as well as glacier travel. The views are stunning, given the Oetztal Alps are one of Austria’s most glaciated ranges along the divide of the Alps bordering Italy. Highlight of the trip are the huts, namely the Ramolhaus, Brandenburger Haus and Similaun Hut are located well above 3000 m (10,000ft) with incredible views right from the dining table, which gives us the rare opportunity to witness the most spectacular time of the day, sunset and sunrise from a summit perspective.

Flexibility to adjust the itinerary to a higher or lower challenge level is another strength of the itinerary. Some days offer optional peak ascents in the afternoon and on some days a longer or shorter route can be taken to arrive at the day’s destination. This makes the trip very suitable for families and couples with different ability levels.

The high level character of the traverse maintains seriousness and commitment and there is a fair bit of up and down every day! All in all great mountain scenery, amazing views and comfortable huts with excellent food and hospitality – what more can we wish for?


Oetztal Alps High Alpine Hut Trek

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Travel day to Vent / Oetztal / Austria 

Meet your guide at 5PM for drinks followed by dinner in our hotel in Vent, at 1900 meters one of the highest and quaintest villages in Austria. Vent is best reached by train/ bus from Munich or Innsbruck. For some departures, we offer pickups in Munich International Airport or Innsbruck Main Train Station.

Day 2: Vent – Breslauer Hut – Vernagt Hut

Chairlift ride and 1.5 and 1.5 hrs walk to the Breslauer Hut (2810m) for a short break. We continue contouring high above the valley with beautiful views along the Seuffert trail to the Vernagt Hut (2760 m). 550 m = 1800 ft vertical climb, 430 m (1410 ft) vertical descent, 9.5 km (6 mi) horizontal distance. 4 – 5 hrs. To make the first day easier, we can arrange for our backpacks to take the supply lift to the Vernaght Hut to where we will be hiking with only a day pack today!

Day 3: Vernagt Hut – Fluchtkogel – Brandenburger Haus

Short trail hike to the Guslar Glacier. Roped up onto the glacier and via Guslar Saddle 3340 m (10,955 ft) and Kesselwand Ferner (=Glacier) to the summit of the Fluchtkogel 3500 m (11,480 ft). Short descent and traverse across the glacier to the Brandenburger Haus 3270 m (10,725 ft), one of the highest huts in the Eastern Alps. In the evening, we’ll try to catch the sunset on top of the Dahmann Spitze 3400 m (11,150 ft), which is only 30 min from the hut and offers an amazing viewpoint. 770 m (2,525 ft) climb, 270 m (900 ft) descent, 6.5 km (4 mi) distance, 5 – 6 hrs. The Brandenburger Haus was built in 1909 and has preserved a great ambiance of the old pioneering days in the Alps!

Day 4: Brandenburger Haus – Delorme Trail – Hochjoch Hospiz

Optional peak ascent in the morning of the vordere Hintereisspitze 3440 m (11,280 ft), then descent on the glacier passing by crevasses and ice towers to reach the panoramic Delorette trail. Either by use of a newly built trail to the Guslar Spitze 3120 m (10,233 ft). Eventually we casually descend through beautiful meadows down to the Hochjoch Hospiz 2410 m (7900 ft). Alternatively, for a more technical day, we can also do the traverse of the Mutspitze and descent to the Hochjoch Hospitz on the Reuter Trail. 300 m (1000 ft climb), 1300 m (4000 ft) descent and 8 km (5 mi) distance. 5-6 hrs walking time.

Day 5: Hochjoch Hospitz – Saykogel – Martin Busch Hut 

Short descent and crossing the Rofen Ache Creek on a hanging bridge, then we climb on a nice hiking trail to the Saykogel Peak 3350 m (11,000 ft), which involves a bit of scrambling and snow towards the summit. Excellent view point in the center of the Oetztal range! Casual descent to the Martin Busch Hut 2510 m (8230 ft). 1040 m  (3300 ft) climb, 930 m (3050 ft) descent and 9 km (5.7 mi) distance, 6 hrs.

For a longer day with more glacier travel and about 6 km more vertical distance we can also traverse the Hauslab Joch (Saddle) 3280 m (10,760 ft). Optional side trip to the Fineilspitze 3520 m (11,550 ft) , a stunning peak with a large summit cross that is reached via an exciting ridge scramble. On the descent we will pass the location where the famous prehistoric “Oetzi” was found, the oldest preserved mummy.

Often we choose the variation across the Hauslab Joch because it is en route to stay at the higher Similaun Hut (3000m = 10,000ft) instead of the Martin Busch Hut, which can be really busy with hikers using the popular E5 long distance trek connecting Oberstdorf and Meran. The E5 trek overlaps with our route for a bout 1.5 hrs between the Similaun Hut and the turn off to the Ramolhaus on the next day.

Day 6: Similaun Hut – Martin Busch Hut – Ramolhaus
Big climb through a remote side valley! Easy trail hike for about 1 hrs along the approach trail towards Vent before we tackle our last climb to the Ramoljoch Saddle 3180 m (10430 ft) with the option to climb the Kleine Ramolkogel Peak 3350 m (11,000 ft). Descent (first 20 min on an exiting steep trail with cable protection and metal fixtures) to the Ramolhaus 3000 mt (10,000 ft), which is located not far below the steep ridgeline like an eagle’s nest with great views to the east and south.  1200 m (3930 ft) climb, 740 m (2420 ft) descent and 12 km (7.5 mi) distance. If we start from the Similaun Hut that day, the day extends by an additional 450 m and 5 km descent = 1.5 hrs more.

Day 7: Ramolhaus – Obergurgel – Vent

All downhill today! On the regular hut approach trail in about 3 hrs down to the village of Obergurgel – usually we can send our backpacks down with the supply lift. Bus or taxi transfer back to our hotel in Vent. 1100 m (3600 ft) descent, 7 km (2 mi) distance.  For participants that are in a rush to get to their next destination, we can arrange for a transfer to Innsbruck or Munich in the afternoon.

Day 8 : Travel Day

Departure after breakfast. Transport to Innsbruck Airport or Train Station (1.5 hrs) or Munich Airport (3 hrs) available for a surcharge.

Detail and Logistics

Meeting Point

At our Hotel in Vent at 5PM on the first day of each departure. Vent is a very quaint little village at the very end of the Oetztal (=Oetz Valley) and one the highest permanently settled places in the Alps at 1900 meters above sea level.

Climate, Weather, Temperatures

High season for all mountaineering in the Austrian Alps is July through mid-September, mainly due to the stable weather that time of the year. Day time temperatures can vary between 30C (86F) in the valleys to -10C (14F) on clear mornings, when we start our day from a high level hut. Snow is possible at any time in the higher elevations.

Services Included in the Total Price

Guiding by an internationally (UIAGM/IFMGA) certified, multilingual, mountain guide or guide aspirant under supervision. Two nights double room lodging in a three star family owned Hotel  with multi-course dinners and large breakfast. 5 nights bunk bed rooms in huts/lodges of the Austrian or German Alpine Club with three course dinners and breakfast. All ground transport to and from the trail heads during the week by taxi, van, bus or the guides’ vehicle. 1 chairlift ride on day 1 from Vent, Luggage transport in the supply lift on the first and last day of the trip, use of technical equipment: Harnesses, crampons and ice axes.

Not Included Are

Air fares, airport shuttle can be arranged at additional charge, lunch (Sandwiches, snacks can be purchased in the huts or in the valley), drinks (beer is about US$ 4 / pint glass, wine US$ 10 – 20/bottle), single room supplement for all lodging in the valleys.
Any additional cost due to changes in the itinerary, may they be caused by weather, mountain conditions or personal preferences.

Can I Do It?

Up to 7 hrs / day of strenuous trekking on established trails, at times exposed with sections that are protected with metal cables. On accassions, there may also some scrambling sections that require the use of your hands, namely when climbing peaks or crossing ridge lines. The itinerary also includes glacier travel which requires roped walking on crampons on bare ice or snow, possibly larger steps or small jumps to get across open crevasses.

The trek can be considered less demanding than our Haute Route Trek in terms of cardiovascular endurance. Our Via Ferrata Trek “Best around Cortina” requires comparable endurance but more technical “scrambling” on via ferrata trails.


Why Book with us? What to Consider When Comparing our Trip!

Certified mountain guides Although this is a trail hike, we use certified mountain guides for this trip instead of uncertified hiking guides. They are the experts in technical mountain terrain and gladly take you on a rope, should you ever start feeling uncomfortable if an exposed trail gets slippery in the rain or should there be steep snow encountered. It’s your safety!

Lodging standard Whenever possible we book double bunk bed rooms in the huts for you instead of mass dorms. You’ll notice the difference after a GOOD night sleep!

Mid-trip hotel break While at first glance at home it looks nice to spend all week in huts, after three days on the trip you will appreciate that we’ll descend to the valley (by gondola) and indulge in a night at our hotel – with good beds and your private bath room – before heading into the second leg of the trip. This also adds flexibility for bad weather or should parts of the group want to skip a day.

Hand-selected valley lodging In the Stubai Valley, we have been using the same family owned hotel for almost 10 years. Hosts Hans & Patty (US native) take pride in the personal care they give to their guests, including the food: Hans is the chef himself!


Please read and fill out this additional Reservation Form and FAQ.


Stubai Alps Horseshoe Hut Trek — one of the Alps most classic hut treks

We will gladly put potential clients in touch with previous participants of each trip in order for interested guests to get more personalized references and their questions answered from a more objective point of view than what our office could provide.

References of prior guests

” A great trip to Austria. Paul Haas was great, very patient, knowledgeable guide. I would be happy to be with him again. I am always amazed how good the food is in these huttes. . I would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in hiking in the Austrian Alps. thanks for great trip. ”
—Jim H,. CA, USA

Gear List


1. Technical Equipment

• Leather mountaineering boots* with rigid soles or sturdy, waterproof trekking boots – usable with strap-on crampons
• Backpack (40 – 45 liters) with rain cover if possible. Rain covers can also be bought separately. Otherwise bring a big plastic (garbage) bag as an inside liner for your backpack.
• Ice axe for glacier travel (50-75cm, classic pick)**
• Crampons that fit your boots or can be easily adjusted**
• Anti-balling plates for your crampons **
• Collapsible trekking or ski poles* (One pole is highly recommended)
• 1 harness**
• 1 locking carabiner**
• Crevasse rescue equipment (optional), if you are familiar with it.(Prusik slings, webbing, pulleys, auto-locking device). Your guide will bring a full set.

All items marked ‘*’ can be rented from a rental shop locally.

All items marked ‘**’ can be provided by OnTop.
Please bring your own equipment if you have it.

2. Clothing
We suggest using the ‘layer system’: Light technical clothing that doesn’t take much space in your backpack and dries quickly if sweaty or wet.
Layers can be put on and taken off fast if weather conditions change during the day.

• Wind and waterproof shell jacket with hood (Gore Tex or similar)
• Wind and waterproof over pants with side zippers (Gore Tex or similar)
• Mountaineering pants
• Fleece or heavy jacket
• Medium weight fleece sweater
• Long underwear or running tights (e.g. Capilene or polypro)
• Undershirt – preferably long sleeves (e.g. Capilene or polypro)
• Warm socks for mountaineering boots (wool/synthetic outers)
• Lighter socks
• Warm hat, covering your ears
• Lightweight gloves (fleece)
• Warm, waterproof pair of gloves
• Gaiters (unless pants lock tightly to your boots)
• Sun hat, with a wide brim if possible
• Bandana (optional)

3. Hut lodging
• Spare underwear, socks
• Down vest or light insulated jacket (optional)
• Thin sleeping bag liner (available also in silk weighing less than ½ pound) or thin youth hostel sleeping bag for the huts for sanitary reasons. Wool covers are provided by the huts.
• Light hut slippers optional – huts usually provide slippers, but the quality varies hugely
• Light stuff sacs or zip lock bags to keep your backpack organized (optional)
• Toiletries and small towel
• Alpine Club card, if you are a member of a European alpine club
• Ear plugs (optional but very useful)

4. Other Items
• Sun glasses (heavy duty – glacier use, with very good UV protection)
• Sun screen and lip protection
• Water bottle, preferably insulated, minimum volume: 1 liter or Camel-back (if too cold, bladder tube might freeze up!)
• Head lamp with spare batteries
• Blister kit (optional)
• Snacks (candy bars, dried fruit, sandwiches, nuts, etc. – can also be bought in the huts every day)
• Personal items (prescription medicine, extra contact lenses and maintenance equipment, extra pair of prescription glasses, etc.)
• Pocket knife or Leather-man multi-tool (optional)
• Passport
• (Health/Travel) insurance documents
• Zip-lock bag for wallet and other documents to keep them dry (recommended)
• Camera, batteries (optional)
• Compass, maps and GPS (optional)

How to get there

Our Oetztal Alps High Alpine Hut trek begins from the little quaint village of Vent, at the very end of the Oetztal (=Oetz Valley) and one the highest permanently settled places in the Alps at 1900 meters above sea level. Vent is located 270 km (3.15 hrs) from Munich and 100 km (2 hr drive) from Innsbruck via Inntal Highway.

Public Transport
Train to Ötztal Bahnhof

If you are arriving into Munich International Airport you can train to Ötztal Bahnhof (Vorplatz), Österreich when travelling by Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains.

From Innsbruck Airport you can travel by train to Ötztal Bahnhof with OEBB train services.

From Zurich Airport you can travel by train with SBB train services to Ötztal, Bahnhof (Vorplatz)

2. Bus from Ötztal Bahnhof to Vent (via Sölden)
From Ötztal Bahnhof you can catch bus route 4194 which are already waiting in front of the train station to take you to the Oetz Valley to the village of Sölden (Takes about 45 minutes from Ötztal).  Then a smaller bus route 8400 connects to Vent, where it stops right on front of our preferred Hotel – bus stop is called Vent Hotel Post.
For Timetables & bus schedules click here

On a custom basis, we also offer group transport services in a 9 seater van.

Client / Guides

3-8 clients / guide

Oetztal Alps Horseshoe Trek
  • 5-8 hrs/day
  • Peak ascents to 3500m (11500′)
  • Sometimes steep and difficult trails
  • Cable protected trail sections
  • Easy scrambling sections
  • Glacier travel with snow and ice
  • Snow coverage in early and late season on non glaciated trail sections
2019 DATES
Oetztal Alps Alpine Trek Trek

8 Days Trip,
6 Days Trekking.

June 16 – 23
June 23 – June 30
June 30 – July 7
July 7 – 14
July 14 – 21
July 21 – 28
July 28 – Aug. 4
Aug 4 – 11
Aug. 11 – 18
Aug. 18 – 25
Aug. 25 – Sept. 1
Sept. 1 – 8
Sept. 8 – 15

2019 DATES
Oetztal Alps Alpine Trek Trek

8 Days Trip,
6 Days Trekking.

June 30 – Jul.7

Also shorter trips available at pro-rated prices

Custom groups at any time or duration

Oetztal Alps High Alpine Hut Trek
US $1790
CA $2290
€ 1390
£ 1250

Guide and guide expenses, 2 x hotel *** double room with half board, 5 x hut with half board, taxi and bus to trail heads and back from Vent, chairlift, technical equipment rental Not Included: Transport to Vent, additional night in Vent after the trip, lunches and beverages

Single room:
US $40, CA $50
€ 30, £ 26

High season surcharge:
US $40, CA $50
€ 30, £ 26