Please Note: We are not insurance professionals neither are we an insurance agency. Policies change all the time and / or we may have misunderstood policy text. Therefore we recommend to never rely on any representation made from our side regarding any policy recommended below but rather thoroughly read through the policies themselves.

We recommend for our clients to purchase an adventure travel insurance package to protect themselves from the cost related to emergencies in the mountains, cancellations or the downfalls of international travel (delays, lost luggage, theft).

Be aware that most travel insurance policies commonly sold by travel agents DO NOT include high risk outdoor pursuits, such as mountaineering, back country skiing, via ferrata, glacier travel and sometimes not even high level trekking. Look out for terms like “off piste” or “roped travel” under the coverage exclusions in the fineprint of your policy.

Here are some Insurance recommendations:

1) Canadian Residents Travelling Abroad And All Participants In Our Trips In Canada

TuGo™ Travel Insurance:  Fill in your details on TuGo™ referral page, and they will contact you with further information about their policies.

They now offer an “Adventure Sports Coverage” – with coverage for Mountaineering up to 6,000m plus skiing, snowboarding and other activities.

2) US Residents

For participants residing in the US we recommend the WorldNomad –  Make sure to enquire directly with the insurer about their “Explorer Plan”.

Other Rescue / Evacuation Insurance Solutions

If you are not interested in a comprehensive insurance travel insurance package or if you are not a resident of North America we recommend the policies that are connected with membership in one of the European Alpine Clubs:

The British Mountaineering Council offers 5 different policies that are tailored to particular mountaineering activities. For most of our trips the “Alpine and Ski” policy seems to be most appropriate. The “Trekking” insurance appears to be sufficient for Via Ferrata Treks and non technical treks or any treks that don’t involve glacier travel. The hitch: Subscribers have to be residents of the UK or Ireland.

The German Alpine Club (DAV) membership includes a comprehensive policy that is available for all members regardless of country of residence or nationality. It includes emergency medical hospital coverage up to 45 days abroad and search and rescue cost to Euro 25,000, however body recovery and repatriation are limited to Euro 5000. Members residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also buy additional policy options to insure more benefits for a small additional fee. Unfortunately all policy descriptions and materials are in German – but thank good for Google translations! If you are interested in this option and if you are booked on one of our trips, we can arrange a membership in the Heidelberg Section of the German Alpine Club – please inquire at least 3 weeks before your departure.

The Austrian Alpine Club (OEAV) offers a similar policy as the German Club but the limits are lower: Search and rescue to Euro 25,000 and emergency medical to Euro 10,000 but repatriation unlimited. The easiest way to sign up is to join the UK Section of the Austrian Alpine Club.

The French Alpine Club (CAF) also offers a policy that appears to be available to all members regardless of their place of residence. The policy description in English and Spanish can be found at the bottom of the page linked here. There is a comprehensive package included in the membership plus an extended policy available at an additional fee. If you are traveling to Chamonix, the easiest way to become a member is to drop by the office of the Chamonix section, which you will find close to the Chamonix train station. Here is a link to their site , opening hours in 2013 are 16.00 – 18.30 Tuesday – Saturday. Currently, Rachel Hitchings is running the office and she speaks English as a native speaker.